Mission & Goals


The Western States Seismic Policy Council is the primary regional organization representing the western states, Pacific provinces, and territories supporting policies of the earthquake and tsunami programs that will reduce losses from earthquakes and their effects.


The mission of the Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) is to develop seismic policies and share information to promote programs intended to reduce earthquake-related losses.


Promote regional cooperation and the interaction of the State Emergency Management, State Geological Surveys, and State Seismic Councils and Commissions in the formation of seismic policy.

Improve the overall awareness of earthquake hazards and methods to mitigate the associated risks, develop strategies to enhance earthquake preparedness, and support earthquake studies and earthquake preparedness activities that will reduce or eliminate deaths, injuries and property damage.

Serve as a resource for earthquake and tsunami-related materials, information, training programs and workshops, in coordination with other regional and national earthquake organizations.

Adopt policy recommendations that support state earthquake programs, policies, and actions.