Earthquake Center

The WSSPC Earthquake Center contains basic information to prepare and respond in the event of an earthquake.

Earthquake Safety – What to do Before, During, and After an Earthquake

Earthquake Checklist – How to Plan for and Survive a major Earthquake

Significant Earthquakes (M7.0 and higher)

Significant earthquakes occurring in the WSSPC states and territories date back to 1700.

Friday, Alaska Earthquake
1964Mar 27
~9Cascadia Subduction Zone, WA Earthquake1700Jan 26
8.6S of Aleutians, AK Earthquake1946Apr 1
8.6Aleutians, AK Earthquake/Tsunami1957Mar 9
8.3Kuril Islands Earthquake/Tsunami2006Nov 15
8.1American Samoa Earthquake2009Sep 29
~8Yakutat Bay, AK Earthquake1899Sep 10
~7.9Fort-Tejon, CA Earthquake1857Jan 9
~7.9Island of Hawaii Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption1868Apr 2
7.9Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands, AK Earthquake1996Jun 10
7.9Denali, AK Earthquake 2002Nov 3
7.9SE of Little Sitkin Island, AK Earthquake 2014Jun 23
7.8Lituya Bay, AK Earthquake1958Jul 10
7.8Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, AK Earthquake2003Nov 17
7.8Haida Gwaii, Canada2012Oct 28
7.7San Francisco, CA Earthquake1906Apr 18
7.7Hawaii Earthquake/Tsunami1975Nov 29
7.5Kern County (Grapevine), CA Earthquake1952Jul 21
7.5Southeastern AK Earthquake2013Jan 5
~7.4Owens Valley, CA Earthquake1872Mar 26
7.3Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, AK Earthquake 2011Jun 24
7.2Kern County (Bakersfield), CA Earthquake Aftershock1952Aug 22
7.2Central Alaska Earthquake1947Oct 16
7.2Hebgen Lake, WY Earthquake1959Aug 18
7.2Offshore Eureka, CA Earthquake1980Nov 8
7.2Cape Mendocino, CA Earthquake1992Apr 25
7.1Ridgecrest, CA Earthquake2019July 5
7.1E of Old Iliamna, AK Earthquake2016Jan 24
7.1Northern Alaska Earthquake1958April 7
7.1SW of Ludlow, CA Earthquake1999Oct 16
7.0Kodiak Island Region, AK Earthquake2001Jan 10
7.0Central Alaska Earthquake1937Jul 22
7.0NNW of Anchorage, AK Earthquake2018Nov 30

Earthquake Early Warning

The WSSPC Earthquake Early Warning page provides information on multiple states’ progress on EEW systems through their efforts, workshops, and legislation. Visit the Earthquake Early Warning page here.

WSSPC Member Earthquake Resources

The WSSPC Earthquake Resources page provides a comprehensive list of earthquake resources prepared by our Member Agencies. Visit the earthquake resources page here.

Earthquake Scenarios

An earthquake scenario tells the story of a defined earthquake and its consequences. Its purpose is to help communities understand the physical, social, economic and environmental impacts of that earthquake.

Scenarios are useful tools for response planning, training and exercises; mitigation planning; recovery planning, training and exercises; and educational and awareness outreach.

A list of scenarios developed for WSSPC member states is available here.