State Building Code Adoption

Statewide Adoption of the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), and International Existing Building Code (IEBC)

AlaskaS 2012L 2012
ArizonaL 2012L 2009L
CaliforniaS 2015s 2015S 2015
ColoradoL 2012-2015L 2015L 2015
HawaiiS 2006S 2006
IdahoS 2015S 2012S 2015
MontanaS 2012S 2012S 2012
NevadaL 2012L 2012L 2012
New MexicoS 2015S 2015S 2015
OregonS 2012S 2015
UtahS 2015S 2015S 2015
WashingtonS 2018S 2018S 2018
WyomingS 2015L 2015S 2015, L
GuamS 2009S 2009S 2009
Northern Mariana IslandsS 2009

S           Effective Statewide
L           Adopted by Local Governments
Year     Indicates International Code Edition

Information from the International Code Council website January 2019