Resources & Reports

WSSPC Resources and Reports

Member State Earthquake Program Reports

Every year WSSPC Member Agencies submit an Annual Earthquake Program Report to the WSSPC office detailing their state’s accomplishments in earthaquake hazard preparedness and mitigation. These reports are available here.

WSSPC Annual Report

WSSPC Annual Reports detail the year’s projects, policy recommendations, and fincial statements. The Reports are available here.


Publications produced by WSSPC and WSSPC member agencies are available here.

Earthquake Center

The WSSPC Earthquake Center offers general information on the earthquake threat to the western statesĀ  and territories, earthquake resources, and a list of significant M 7.0 and higher earthquakes. Visit the Earthquake Center here.

Tsunami Center

The WSSPC Tsunami Center offers general information on the tsunami threat to the coastal states and territories, tsunami resources, and information on past tsunami events. Visit the Tsunami Center here.

Post-Earthquake Technical Clearinghouses

A post-earthquake clearinghouse provides a location, real or virtual, after a damaging earthquake, where engineers, geologists, seismologists, sociologists, economists, and other professionals who arrive in the affected area can become part of a larger, temporary organization (the Clearinghouse) to facilitate the gathering of information, maximize its availability, and better use the talents of those present.

Information on post-earthquake technical clearninghouses in WSSPC member states is available here.