Colorado Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Legislation

(CO‐1) Senate Bill 13, C.R.S. 6‐6.5‐101, 1984, relates to geologic hazards in requiring all residential developers to analyze and disclose any potentially hazardous conditions to prospective home buyers. …” (Colorado Landslide Hazard Mitigation Plan 1988)

(CO‐2) House Bill 1045, C.R.S. 22‐32‐124 (1), 1984, requires that, prior to the acquisition of land for school buildings sites or construction of any buildings thereon, the board of education must consult with the Colorado Geological Survey regarding potentially swelling soils, mine subsidence, and other geologic hazards and determine the geologic suitability of the site for its proposed use.” (Colorado Landslide Hazard Mitigation Plan 1988).

(CO‐3) 1974 – House Bill 1041, Chapter 106, C.R.S. 1963, as amended. Areas and Activities of State Interest – An Act Concerning Land Use, and Providing for Identification, Designation, and Administration of Areas and Activities of State Interest, and Assigning Additional Duties to the Colorado Land Use Commission and the Department of Local Affairs, and Making Appropriations Therefore. This Act involved comprehensive treatment of hazards and charged local governments with legal responsibility for designation and administration of hazardous areas of state interest.

(CO‐4) 1974 – “House Bill 1034, C.R.S. 29‐20‐101, et seq., 1974, is the “Local Government Land Use Control Enabling Act.” The act gives authority to local governments to plan and regulate the use of land within their jurisdictions, including regulating development and activities in hazardous areas. The act then allows geologic hazards to be used as a basis for land‐use decisions. … (Colorado Landslide Hazard Mitigation Plan 1988).

(CO‐5) C.R.S. 30‐28‐101, et seq., 1972, concerns the division of land into sites, tracts, or lots, and is often referred to as the “Subdivision Law.” The bill requires that subdivision proposals be evaluated for wildfire safety and geologic conditions prior to approval by a county and applies to the division of land into parcels of less than 35 acres within a county. …” (Colorado Landslide Hazard Mitigation Plan 1988, Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Plan 1995)

(CO‐6) C.R.S. 34‐1‐103: Legislation outlines the Colorado Geological Survey’s responsibilities and general statutory authority. “The Colorado Geological Survey shall function to provide assistance to and cooperate with the general public, industries, and agencies of state government…in pursuit of the following objectives…a) To assist, consult with, and advise existing state and local government agencies on geologic problems…c) To conduct studies to develop geological information…g) To evaluate the physical features of Colorado with reference to present and potential human and animal use…, and I) To determine areas of natural geologic hazards that could affect the safety of or economic loss to the citizens of Colorado (Colorado Landslide Hazard Mitigation Plan 1988).

(CO‐7) Colorado Statutes : Title 30 Government ‐ County: County Planning and Building Codes: Article 28 County Planning and Building Codes: Part 1 County Planning: 30‐28‐106.

Information taken from the Washington State Seismic Mitigation Policy Gap Analysis: A Cross-State Comparison, by Scott B. Miles, Ph. D. and Brian D. Gouran, L.G.