Public Policy

WSSPC continues to fulfill its mission of developing, recommending and supporting seismic policies and programs to reduce earthquake losses.

WSSPC member agencies, Affiliate Members, and partners are welcome to participate in the policy development process of WSSPC.

WSSPC Policy Recommendations

Currently adopted policy recommendations may be viewed here.

WSSPC Policy Committees

Three committees develop policy recommendations on regional and national seismic issues.

Basin and Range Province Committee
Seeks to promote the understanding and study of seismic hazards in the Basin and Range Province (BRP) of the western U.S., and to provide advice and recommendations to policy-making bodies regarding seismic hazard and risk in that region.

Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Committee
Coordinates and implements tsunami hazards mitigation plans and focuses on developing policies based on the current technology and science.

Engineering, Construction, and Building Codes Committee
Considers the need for and requirements of seismic building codes and incentives for building owners to retrofit older buildings.

Draft Policy Recommendations

Draft Policy Recommendations are voted upon at the Annual Business Meeting by the WSSPC members.

WSSPC Policy Recommendation Development Procedure

Approved by the Board of Directors in March 2002, WSSPC has implemented a policy recommendation development procedure which provides guidance for developing thoughtful policy recommendations.

A fast-track procedure was developed and approved by WSSPC members in 2012 that allows for a quicker revision process of already developed policy recommendations. Also in 2012, the policy recommendation format was changed to incorporate an Executive Summary.