National Awards in Excellence


The National Awards in Excellence are awarded every four years at the National Earthquake Conference (NEC) by WSSPC in partnership with the Northeast States Emergency Consortium (NESEC), the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC), and the Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW). These awards recognize organizations and agencies in acknowledgment of their achievements as demonstrated through exemplary programs, projects, and products that address earthquake risk reduction within the United States. The highest ranked award will be given the Overall Award.


Those eligible for nomination include state, provincial, territorial, regional, county, and city governments; non-profit organizations; businesses; and academic institutions. Nominations may be made for earthquake programs, projects or products for which the nominee has provided leadership, effort, and technical assistance. Nominations must be made by someone outside of the nominated agency.


Awards are considered in the following categories:

Response Plans/Materials
Use of New Technology
Non-Profit Agency Efforts
Multi-Jurisdictional Planning
Outreach Programs – in three subcategories: Schools, General Public, and Business/Government

Selection Criteria

During the award selection process, the following questions are employed to determine whether the nominee is eligible for further consideration:
•Is the nominee eligible for the award?
•Does the program, project or product represent a new and/or creative approach to problems or issues in the category in which it is nominated?
•Does the program, project or product provide evidence of outcomes which have achieved its stated goals and objectives to this point?
•Has the program, project or product been operational for at least one year from the date of nomination?
•Can the program, project or product be applied to other locations, issues or problems?

Nomination Process

The next National Awards in Excellence nomination period will open in September 2019.

Awards Presentation

The next National Awards will be given at the 2020 National Earthquake Conference. Recipients will be featured in conference materials, press releases as well as the official National Earthquake Conference website: and the WSSPC website: