Awards in Excellence


The Western States Seismic Policy Council Awards in Excellence are awarded annually to honor exemplary programs, projects, and products that have significantly contributed to addressing earthquake risk reduction through demonstrated achievements in earthquake mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. One award is selected to receive the Overall Award in Excellence.


State, provincial, territorial, regional, county, or city government, non-profit agencies or public-private partnerships are eligible for the WSSPC Awards in Excellence. Nominations must be made by someone outside of the nominated agency.


Awards are considered in the following categories:

Educational Outreach Program (one award for each sub-category):
Outreach to Business/Government
Outreach to General Public
Outreach to Schools
Multi-jurisdictional Planning
Mitigation Efforts
Non-Profit Agency Efforts
Research Projects
Response Plans/Materials
Use of New Technology

Selection Criteria

During the award selection process, the following questions criteria are used to determine whether the program, project, or product is eligible for further consideration:

    • Is the program, project or product operated, administered or sponsored by a government entity, non-profit organization or public-private partnership?
    • Has the program, project or product been operational for at least one year prior to the nomination date?
    • Does the program, project or product address a significant earthquake risk reduction issue?
    • Does the program, project or product represent a new and creative approach to earthquake risk reduction?
    • Has the program, project or product been effective in achieving its stated goals and purposes?
    • Could the program, project or product be easily transferred to other governments or organizations?

Nomination Process

Call for 2018 Nominations is closed.

2018 Awards in Excellence Nomination form

2018 Awards in Excellence Nomination form